Already got it!

3814148175_7742ee62a1I just got what I already had.
My pastor has been preaching on Reigning. His teaching just moved from head knowledge to heart knowledge.

I’ll make this new revelation short.

Reference-The entire book of Ephesians 🙂

1:14 You were sealed by the promised Holy Spirit, who is down payment for our inheritance.
I’m a child of God. Last time I checked no one works for an inheritance. It’s all the work of the parents. Sadly someone has to die to receive an inheritance. God died in Jesus on the cross. The Holy Spirit allows us to experience on earth what we already have in Heaven. What does my Heavenly Father have to give? Everything in heaven.

2:6 He raised us together and caused us to sit down together in the heavenlies with Messiah Y’shua.
Ok, this is big. It was not just Jesus who was raised. I was raised with Him. I don’t live on earth I’m seated with Jesus in Heaven. Yes my flesh is on earth but my spirit is one with Jesus in heaven.

What does this mean for my everyday life on earth!
Everything God is, was and ever will be is already living in me because the fullness of his spirit lives in me.

Every thing I need to know is already known inside me.
Every power I need for victory already exists inside me.

Everything God is and has lives inside me waiting to be called forward to my mind, mouth, thoughts and emotions to bring heaven to earth.

This revelation is so powerful. I can now live from a place of rest and confidence in who I am in Christ. I don’t have to worry or beg for anything from God. He has already given it to me. I just need to call forth from the deep of my spirit what is already there. The victory is already done. I don’t have to fight anymore.

The trick is to remember who I am when life gets tough.


Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Have you ever forgotten who you are? Well, I did yesterday and it was scary.

Lets just say I was presented with a new chance to die to self. Instead of listening to the Holy Spirit my wounded soul reared up like a two-headed dragon of pride. I will spare you the details but it was ugly, I got burned and so did prince charming.

Thank God for my prince charming. With wisdom and shield in hand he reminded me I’m not who I was. With steady hand he held a mirror before my face. Mirror Mirror on the wall this is who you really are. He did not reflect the two-headed dragon but the reflection of the Spirit of Christ in me.

You see the dragon is scared and has to breath fire to protect itself. The spirit of Christ is fearless! The prince reminded me that when people shoot arrows toward us we only have the power to protect our own castle by the power of Christ in us.

In Christ I’m no longer at the mercy of people. I can choose the greater power of forgiveness to break the chains that bind me. It takes confidence in my identy in Christ to fearlessly love people back.

I went to bed singed but renewed in the confidence that… I am fearless in Christ.

Job had a job.

Has the book of Job disturbed anyone else? Oddly enough it has been one of my favorite books of the Bible. I think because of the glimpse inside the supernatural conversation between God and satan.

For years I’ve asked many people the; what about Job question without any good answers. And today God gave me a little perspective on the story. The problem for me has been, God’s character seems to be different in the book of Job than His character in Christ. I know His character is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow so the misunderstanding must be in my perspective. I need God’s perspective.

God showed me this today..
God loved Job and Job loved God. When satan requested to test Job he was not asking for God to change the rules on earth and he really did not need permission for his bad behavior towards Job. This is because the rules and authority on earth changed with the fall of man not because satan petitioned God. Satan just does not have that type of pull in Heaven. Satan had a level of authority on earth given to him at the fall of man. Before that God had given man authority over everything that creeps on the earth. Gen 1:26. And I would say satan is a creep.

What did this mean for poor Job? Unfortunately he lived in a pre Holy Spirit earth. I’m sure satan did not like the favor God poured out on His faithful servant Job. Job loved God and worked at his job of pleasing Him with righteous living and animal sacrifices. Job was an amazing man. He stayed true to his God thru the temptation from satan. And he did this without the filling of the Holy Spirit.

So what does this mean for my Holy Spirit filled life today. Well, I live in an earth where satan has been stripped of his authority. Yes, he is still around and his mission is the same. The steal, kill and destroy but, BUT, Jesus took that authourity from him and placed the keys of authority in our hands. Jesus said, “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Matt 16:19 Wow, I have authority!

Job had a job and I have authority in Christ. The difference is who is in power on the earth. It’s a matter of authority.

I know there is more to the book of Job but this little tid bit was more than I had when I woke up this morning.


So why is it that any person on this planet has the ability cast rejection on a person like a robe. Why did I wear that garment of condemnation so long?

Could it be that my identity has to be in Christ. Otherwise self-worth is found in the acceptance of other people. This is a very bad place to live because it makes the offended a false judge of others. When a person is rejected and becomes offended then the offender is judged as unacceptable by the one offended. Because the “self” in the person needs to justify the rejection. The easiest route of self preservation is finding fault in the offender. This way self does not have to re-evaluate its self. On the other hand if self feels accepted then love can be given both ways in the relationship.

Now, for a moment imagine the world this way…
If ones identity is in Christ. Their worth can only come from Christ. So, when rejection comes it does not change ones value. It does not make them any less. There is no need to judge the offender because there is no need to defend ones identity. In Christ a person becomes unmoved and can see thru His eyes.

Summing it up…
We see others through our own identity.
Identity in Christ = Seeing others as Christ sees them.
Identity in Man = Seeing others as they see us.

So as I walk this life out. I ask myself, if I am to be Christ to a hurting world, do they need to see the reflection of their own pain or the love of Christ. Yes, I’m a reflecting pool. I can choose to fill my well with polluted waters or the living waters of Christ. The choice is clear. I’m putting on the identity of Christ. I’m getting cloaked in his robe of love.

This is it, my choice for life.

This Photo was taken this spring. It is a picture of a healed, whole & complete marriage. What can’t be seen is how tight they had to hold onto Jesus for this moment.

One year ago I had what could be considered the average American life. Just happy enough to keep going and not question, could there be more. Until a major unexpected storm of rejection hit my life and my heart. My average life did not have the answers. I cried out to Jesus. He gave me only one choice. This one choice would be a turning point. It did not matter which choice I made, my life would never be the same. This is what the Lord gave me…

God Speaking: I’ll call heaven and earth to witness this day against you, I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Therefore choose life, so both you and your decendants may live, so you can love the LORD your God, so you can obey His voice and you can cleave to Him, for He is your life and length of your days, so you can stay in the land which the LORD swore to give to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob. Duet 30:19-20

I saw this whole scene play out before me. I’m in the heavenly courtroom. A host of angles are witnessing my decition. The Judge lays before me my choices. I wanted to live in the death of the pain. I wanted to grasp bitterness and say what about me. The cost was to great for that choice. It would have been death to my days. The Judge did not leave anything to chance. He laid it all out but then proclaimed CHOOSE LIFE!!!!! That life is full of promise. A promise to hear his voice and cleave to Him, a long life, blessing for my children and a promised land.

So, what do I have to do to choose life? How does this look in real life? Jesus wispers it’s FORGIVNESS. Familiar word but unfamiliar in experience. Jesus, I’ve heard the word but I don’t know how to do it? He says, “Die to self.”. WHAT!!! I had already felt the rejection that was like death now Jesus says die again.

So, that is what I did. This blog is my walk in choosing life everyday and a testiment to the unending Love of the Father, my Father.